AK47 Operator Class

LifeSafe Training, LLC along with Bully Breed Training are happy to offer a one-day AK Operator Class on Sunday April 25th at The Hartford Gun Club (200 yard rifle range). Bully Breed owner and Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor, Stephen Estes will be the lead instructor for the class. Both Bob and Steve have instructed countless students from LEO’s to Military and Civillians. Stephen has been teaching a variation of this course for many years at the CT Police Academy. This is part of the Senior Firearms Instructor course, for Police Firearms Instructors to bring back to their agencies as part of an Active Shooter Response.

The last two Larry Vickers AK classes on the calendar were unfortunately cancelled due to either COVID or health reasons. Here’s an opportunity to get a great one-day class at a very reasonable price from some great instructors. We are VERY aware of the current ammo situation and all of the drills can be done with significantly less than 500 rounds if necessary.

Sunday April 25th 8am – 4:30pm, no more than 14 students

$250 per student (50% deposit required) Credit Card, PayPal, Venmo, Check or Cash

In this class we will cover:

  • Safety
  • Brief history of the AK
  • Field stripping
  • Live fire drills, safety manipulation
  • Ballistics out to 200yd
  • Zero
  • Weapon manipulation
  • Malfunction drills
  • Field operation (render the weapon inoperable)
  • Transition to AR15 platform

Required equipment:

  • AK with modern sling (NO rifle straps)
  • 4 magazines (if possible) with pouches (belt, chest rig, pockets, whatever to hold them)
  • Shooting mat or tarp
  • 500 rounds of AK ammunition
  • Eye & Ear protection, cleaning tools, gun lube
  • AK/SKS sight tool (optional but helpful) Brownell’s link for the tool
  • AR with sling + 2 mags & 40 rounds of AR ammo
  • Water, food, sunscreen, bug repellant, hat
  • Closed toe shoes, hat

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Apr 25 2021


8:00 am - 5:00 pm




Hartford Gun Club
157 S. Main St. (Rt 187), East Granby, CT 06026


Bob Margolis