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If you’ve made the decision to protect yourself or others with a firearm, whether it’s in your home or on your person, you can (and likely WILL) face expensive legal bills defending yourself. CCW Safe will help you find experienced legal help, and the policy will cover your legal expenses. I’ve had insurance like this for more than a decade and the peace of mind I have is immeasurable. I carry confidently, and I know that CCW Safe is there to back me up should the worst happen. You already have health insurance, why wouldn’t you have self defense insurance?

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Different from “Insurance” but providing the same services is the USCCA (United States Concealed Carry Association). Membership in the USCCA entitles you to the same benefits for self defense as traditional insurance does, but it’s not technically insurance; it’s a membership benefit. The USCCA was the first organization to offer this to their members and they have deep experience providing legal defense for their members.

In addition to Legal Defense Assistance, as a member you will also receive “Concealed Carry” magazine, which is the best publication in the industry for people taking advantage of their 2nd amendment rights. The magazine also has an extensive section geared toward women.

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