This is a follow-up of sorts to my Tidbits #1 where I linked a video regarding small caliber carry guns.

For reference – View the video here

I’ve been testing the Sig Sauer P238 for a few weeks now and I’m so impressed with it that I actually bought it for myself.

This particular model is the P238 Legion (which is Sig’s higher end version with better finishing, and some nice details like the G10 grip, magwell, trigger and awesome sights). Purchasing a Legion also allows free entry into Sig’s “elite” group eligible for special purchases of Legion branded goods.

Shooting a single-action .380 that’s made completely of metal rather than polymer (like the Ruger LCP) is a pleasure, with very very little recoil and extremely capable of precision accuracy as well more than typical self-defense distances. I had no trouble keeping all of the rounds in a 6″ group offhand at 50′. Because of the very controllable recoil, it’s easy to get all 8 rounds on target VERY quickly. I very comfortably shot 100+ rounds per day with no hand discomfort, pinching or anything adverse, and that’s pretty much impossible with any other gun this size on the market.

The first time I shot it, I used some really horrible ammunition that I had leftover from the great shortage of a few years ago. Full transparency, the gun didn’t like it but neither did the Glock 42 I originally got the shitty ammo to test. Since then, I have used several brands of 95gr .380 including Hornady Critical Defense ammo, which is my personal choice for carry. Speaking of carry, I purchased an AIWB holster from Concealment Express because I like the holster from them for my Sig P365. They’re inexpensive and they ship REALLY quickly. My only complaint is that the gun and holster is so small, that in the appendix position, it “flops” a little while a longer gun won’t do that.

I also recently had the opportunity to borrow a Sig P938 (the 9mm version of the P238). While 9mm is a more effective personal defense caliber, in this platform, the .380 is a better choice. The 9mm is WAY snappier than the .380 and getting follow-up rounds on target quickly is more challenging. That along with the fact that there are some really nice, really small 9mm’s on the market today, including Sig’s own P365 10rd powerhouse and the case for the .380 strengthens.

With an MSRP of $850, a lot of potential buyers will be put off. I get it, it’s expensive especially when you compare it to other “pocket” size handguns. If you like very high quality, and some exclusivity then the P238 Legion may be a great choice, especially if you don’t always carry because of the size and or weight of a bigger gun. As they say, the best gun for personal defense is the one you have with you when you need it!

If you would like to try my P238, I’m happy to let you do that here at the club.