More information is coming out on the murders in Sebring. There are some important take-aways here:

  1. Complying with an armed subject doesn’t always work out. He made the five victims lay face down on the floor and executed them with a shot to the head. (Actually, this is the second recent situation where complying resulted in the victims being killed.)
  2. You may get shot if you attempt to run away or fight back, but at least you have a chance of being rescued if you get away or of stopping the attacker.
  3. You must be your own first responder. Law enforcement will almost never be present when a violent attack happens. Expecting that law enforcement or another person present will intervene to protect you is a fatally flawed plan.
  4. It was more than an hour after arriving that law enforcement finally breached the building. If you survive being shot, you may very likely die from blood loss. Many of the victims at the Pulse Nightclub massacre likely died due to the delay in securing the scene.
  5. The weapon used was a 9mm handgun. It could have been a vehicle, a pipe bomb, a machete, or any other weapon. This type of crime against society isn’t about controlling weapons or where they may be carried—it is about realizing that we have a substantial amount of mental illness in our society that is just being ignored.
  6. We are going to see an ever increasing amount of these types of attacks. We’ve always had mentally ill people in our society, but our society has changed in many ways—ways that nurture the evil that lives inside these mass murderers. It is also what makes incidents of road rage commonplace today.

Steps you can take to become your own protector:

  • Reject any calls for gun control or restrictions. Criminals and violently mentally ill persons don’t care about laws or restrictions.
  • Demand that existing restrictions for places such as schools/colleges and places that serve alcohol be repealed.
  • Get training—real training, not 1-3 hour ccw classes. Real training classes should be a ratio around 3:1 of classroom time to range time. The mind is the weapon—everything else is merely a tool. Real training equips you with the knowledge of how to avoid or escape bad situations and how to employ devastating levels of violence against an attacker when you can’t.
  • Be armed whenever you go in public.
  • If it’s your day to die, die well. In other words, don’t be a victim, don’t comply, fight, inspire others to join the fight. Remember United Flight 93, that went down in PA on 9/11. That flight went down because the passengers took on the terrorists. Had that flight reached the destination that the terrorists wanted, perhaps thousands more would have perished. They died well, as heroes knowing that their own lives were sacrificed to save others.

63-0 is an impressive record in gunfights